Check why CPV One is the best ad tracker

Comparison of ad trackers and attribution platforms
used by affiliate marketers, media buyers and marketing agencies

To make sense of your data, you need to track, to test and to optimize your campaigns with an ad tracker.

If you are an affiliate marketer, media buyer or a marketing agency, then you understand the critical role that ad tracking software plays in determining the fate of your campaigns.
It's the secret weapon that can transform failure into success.
Compare CPV One with other tracking platforms and discover why it is the best ad tracker.

How can you handle your campaigns?

Let's compare the 3 ways you can manage your campaigns


Not using a tracker

For sure this is an option... if you want to waste your marketing budget! Or if you don't know anything about affiliate marketing!

Not tracking means you are running blind and waiting to get lucky. Surely you don't want that!

Tracking is the ONLY way to get data and optimize your campaigns!

Cloud based

Using a cloud based tracker

Cloud based conversion trackers are popular and easy to start working with... But Keep in mind that you have to pay monthly + you have to pay extra when you get more traffic for your campaigns.

The main advantage with the cloud based marketing trackers is that you have no maintenance stress with your hosting.

CPV One is the best cloud based affiliate marketing tracker as it offers:

  • NO STRESS with server maintenance
  • Affordable pricing

Self hosted

Use a self-hosted tracker

Use a self-hosted ad tracker and win the game of affiliate marketing!

With CPV Lab you can pay just ONCE and get:

  • a LIFETIME license
  • UNLIMITED events tracked
  • keep your data SAFE and for as long as you wish on your server!

An All-in-one tool to manage all your marketing campaigns!


CPV One is the cloud-based version of the CPV Lab affiliate marketing tracker. It is a web-based ad tracking platform designed to help you easily track and optimize all of your marketing activities and campaigns from virtually any traffic source.
You can track Pay Per Click, CPV, Banners... if you can place a simple link, you can track it.

You can track traffic from All of Your Traffic Sources in One Central Platform, with lots of information to help you in your business. Use the predefiend traffic sources or add custom ones.
You can track both organic and paid traffic, no matter the source!
We support Pay Per Click, Cost Per View, Organic Traffic, Media Buys, Email Marketing, Mobile Ads, Video Ads, Link Placements, Social Ads, Retargeting, In-Text Ads, Native Ads and much more.

Of course you can!
We have Google Ads, Microsoft (Bing) Ads, Facebook Ads and all major Traffic Sources predefined in CPV One.
For sources that require a no-redirect policy (like Google Ads, Microsoft Ads or Facebook Ads) we also have a dedicated Landing Page pixel that will perform all the tracking inside the page, so you will redirect from the Traffic Source directly to the Landing Page, without any redirects.

CPV One can work with most affiliate networks out there. It comes with many Affiliate Networks already predefined which are ready to be used and you can also define new ones based on your needs.

Yes, you can access your CPV One Interface from any device! It is fully responsive!

We offer an extensive CPV Lab and CPV One Online Documentation complete with Use Cases which is frequently updated.
We are also constantly adding new Video Tutorials on the CPV Lab Pro YouTube channel.

We have an excellent Support Team which can help you with anything, from installation to campaign setup. We guarantee very fast response times!
Just submit a ticket in the CPV Lab Pro Help Desk and it will be handled quickly by our support team. The working hours are: every day from 7 AM GMT to 9 PM GMT.

If you want to migrate from an existing tracker, we will be glad to help you with your existing campaigns.
Just let us know by flling the contact form and we will work something together ;)

You can try CPV One for 30 days Risk Free!
If for any reason you feel CPV One hasn't helped your marketing or just that it isn't for you, just send us an email or ticket and we will proceed with the refund (minus 20% infrastructure costs).

Yes, you can unsubscribe whenever you want and no more automatic payments will be processed.

CPV One Guarantees

Support Service

Knowledgeable representatives available to assist you by submitting requests in Support Center.

Money-back guarantee

All of our Plans come with a 30-Day money-back quarantee.


Free software update within the valid period of the software.

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