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A must have tracker for my campaigns.

Best tracking platform I've ever used.

Numbers better than words

With more than 10 years experience in the affiliate business, users all over the world and millions of campaigns tracked, CPV Lab ad tracker is now ready to run in cloud as CPV One.

Different countries

Happy clients

Years in the market

Million Campaigns

What is CPV One?

CPV One is a conversion tracker that will help you find the best combinations of landing pages, offers, ads and traffic so you can increase your profits.

By using Server-side tracking, first party cookies and conversion APIs, you know when a conversion is happening and all the relevant metrics for your visitors.

CPV One - conversion tracker

Who is it for?

What can you track?

EVERYTHING! If you can place a simple link... you can track it! Track all of your Traffic Sources in ONE Central Platform!

CPV One can track all your marketing campaigns like Facebook, Taboola, Google Adwords, Bing ads, email marketing and anything else you can think of!
Plus, you don’t need to check all the traffic sources platforms… you have all your data in one single place!

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Cost Per View (CPV)
  • Cost Per Mille (CPM)
  • Organic Traffic
  • Media Buys
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Link Placements
  • Social Ads
  • Link Placements
  • Social Ads
  • Retargeting
  • In-Text Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Influencers
  • Calls tracking
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What traffic types can you track with CPV One

Your ultimate benefits

One platform for all marketing

Track and test all of your marketing campaigns from one place.
Don't waste money on multiple platforms when you can have everything in one tool.

Mobile reports and tracking

Stay optimized for mobile, with 20+ mobile metrics

Detailed "Lab Stats" & Reports

In-Depth data for all campaigns including Ads, Keywords, Pages and Offers along with Detailed Revenue Data to quickly Optimize Profits and ROI. With 30+ Click, Conversion & Revenue Metrics.


Stay optimised for heavy traffic with ultrafast redirects and customisable enhancements

Pre-filled templates

150 pre-filled templates for traffic sources and affiliate network so you can easily sincronize data

Unlimited campaigns tracked

Unlimited ads, pages and offer rotations for powerful campaign customisation opportunities

Easy to use

Create your first campaign in minutes with zero programming knowledge

Cookie-less tracking

Switch effortlessly between cookie and cookie-less tracking

Custom domains with SSL

Custom domains with Free SSL to prevent your campaigns from being considered suspicious by browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.

Api integrations

API integrations to pass conversions back to the source: Facebook CAPI, TikTok, Google Ads, Bing Ads, CJ Affiliate

MV Lab

Multivariate testing integrated - test and track multiple versions of your landing page from one page

Multi-user Access

Multi user access to give access to different campaigns for your team

Controlled Internal Linking

Create Specific Internal Linking Structures based on your needs. Easily send Visitors to Specific Landing Pages, Level of Landing Page, Offer, Offer Group or Path.

Cloaking options

Options of disguising the affiliate link URL provided by an affiliate program.

Capture Referrers

View Stats by Referrer and Use Custom Referrer Categories to spot for potential verticals of interest to Expand Targeting. More than 20 pre-defined refferer categories with option to create your own categories.

Multiple tracking modes

Use 302 / Meta Refresh / Double Meta Refresh, or either go for Direct Tracking to handle requirements from specific traffic sources that don’t like redirects. Choose the redirect transition mode you like.

Track Offline conversions

If you take phone orders or accept payment in other ways offline, you can track everything with CPV One

Postback / Server-To-Server Tracking

We support all types of tracking for affiliates, but the best and recommended is always via Postback URL. In CPV One you get a special Postback URL you can use in your affiliate networks for accurate tracking.

Import your campaigns from Voluum or Bemob

You can easily import your campaigns, landing pages and offers from other trackers like Voluum or Bemob.

Bot and Proxy detection

You can filter your traffic and detect bots and proxy visitors. Then you can redirect your traffic based on Bot and Proxy rules.

Google Certified Click Tracker

Use the tracking template for your Google Ads campaigns by using a certified click tracker.

CPV One is not just a tracker it the the software that every affiliate, media buyer or SME needs for their marketing!

But don't just take our word for it. Here's some of what our users have to say...

I've been using CPV Lab for over 9 years and it's still my goto tracker.

The team behind this are absolutely fantastic, not only do they respond quickly if you need support, but they even go out of their way to try to include features you request.

MV Lab is also a fantastic addition.
Highly recommended.

The flexibility of CPV Lab Pro is unmatched when you want to really get into tracking your campaigns.

Customer support is also super knowledgeable of their product.

I've been using this product for years and love it!

I tested plenty of ad trackers in my experience, but CPV Lab is my all-time favorite!
It's easy to use and it covers my need to test and compare multiple traffic sources, landing pages, and creatives.

Integrated with all major Networks

CPV One comes integrated with all major Traffic Sources and Affiliate Networks.

This means that you only need to choose the Networks that you want to use and they will get automatically configured!

With 6 campaign layouts already predefined, CPV ONE is the tracker that supports all kinds of funnels, from the simple direct linking to complex multipath campaigns or offers. We didn’t find a funnel that is not supported, and remember that we have been doing tracking for 10 years… we had tons of funnels to set up.

Track everyting with a link

Multi-user access to your marketing campaigns can greatly improve productivity by utilizing a marketing tracker. With multiple team members able to access and update campaign information, tasks can be divided and completed more efficiently and reports can be shared with appropriate stakeholders.

Multiuser Access

In Depth performance statistics are essential for successful affiliate marketing campaigns. By tracking detailed metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and revenue, you can gain a clear understanding of which aspects of your campaigns are performing well and which need improvement.

In-depth Stats and Reports

Mobile tracking is an important aspect of affiliate marketing as it can provide valuable insights into how your campaigns are performing on mobile devices. By tracking mobile visits, you can optimize your campaigns to better target and convert mobile users.

Mobile Audience Tracking

MV Lab is a multivariate testing tool that allows you to go further than the simple A/B testing. You can test hundreds of variations of your landing page all from one single page. You need a page, some code generated with MV Lab and CPV One for tracking.

Multivariate testing with MV Lab


CPV One is the cloud-based version of the CPV Lab affiliate marketing tracker. It is a web-based ad tracking platform designed to help you easily track and optimize all of your marketing activities and campaigns from virtually any traffic source.
You can track Pay Per Click, CPV, Banners... if you can place a simple link, you can track it.

You can track traffic from All of Your Traffic Sources in One Central Platform, with lots of information to help you in your business. Use the predefiend traffic sources or add custom ones.
You can track both organic and paid traffic, no matter the source!
We support Pay Per Click, Cost Per View, Organic Traffic, Media Buys, Email Marketing, Mobile Ads, Video Ads, Link Placements, Social Ads, Retargeting, In-Text Ads, Native Ads and much more.

Of course you can!
We have Google Ads, Microsoft (Bing) Ads, Facebook Ads and all major Traffic Sources predefined in CPV One.
For sources that require a no-redirect policy (like Google Ads, Microsoft Ads or Facebook Ads) we also have a dedicated Landing Page pixel that will perform all the tracking inside the page, so you will redirect from the Traffic Source directly to the Landing Page, without any redirects.

CPV One can work with most affiliate networks out there. It comes with many Affiliate Networks already predefined which are ready to be used and you can also define new ones based on your needs.

Yes, you can access your CPV One Interface from any device! It is fully responsive!

We offer an extensive CPV Lab and CPV One Online Documentation complete with Use Cases which is frequently updated.
We are also constantly adding new Video Tutorials on the CPV Lab Pro YouTube channel.

We have an excellent Support Team which can help you with anything, from installation to campaign setup. We guarantee very fast response times!
Just submit a ticket in the CPV Lab Pro Help Desk and it will be handled quickly by our support team. The working hours are: every day from 7 AM GMT to 9 PM GMT.

If you want to migrate from an existing tracker, we will be glad to help you with your existing campaigns.
Just let us know by flling the contact form and we will work something together ;)

You can try CPV One for 30 days Risk Free!
If for any reason you feel CPV One hasn't helped your marketing or just that it isn't for you, just send us an email or ticket and we will proceed with the refund (minus 20% infrastructure costs).

Yes, you can unsubscribe whenever you want and no more automatic payments will be processed.

So what are you waiting for?

Start using CPV One ad tracking system and get the best out of
your affiliate marketing

Enjoy all the benefits and take advantage of a great tool for
Affiliate Marketing!

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